The holiday spots in the global financial centres index 2018

This short article describes some of the top cities of finance across the world which also happen to be amazing tourist destinations, so you can combine work and entertainment.

Being in the top 10 of the global financial centres index, Zurich is likewise a terrific destination for your travels in the european countries. While it is home to impressive financial occurrences such as the partnerships of Edmond de Rothschild, it likewise hosts an extraordinary variety of activities and landmarks, such as its opera house, extraordinary museums, enchanting parks, and needless to say its lake. If you get bored of the city, which is pretty improbable due to its stunning architecture, you could even take a day trip to the nearby Alps!

If you move in financial circles in the northern areas of the world, one destination that was elected as financial capital of the world 2017 is London. For sure, being the capital, it is also in the lead of the biggest financial cities in UK, but this multicultural metropolis has so much more to give: from its extraordinary history, demonstrated by its immense amount of monuments dotted across its neighbourhoods, to an impressive art scene that goes from classical paintings to contemporary art installments, from Shakespearean drama to a whole district dedicated to musicals and modern plays. Being home of many varied cultures, you will discover any kind of food or happenings in this city: enjoy!

While the European continent holds lots of crucial cities in regard to finance, among the most spectacular is the city of Milan. In certain cases it is mentioned as the new financial capital of Europe, but the truth is that it is definitely the European capital of so many things: from fashion and design, to avant-garde art, to incredible food – and lots of other prospering industries which Italy is driving are based around its region. It is home to countless institutions which are commonly in the financial news, for instance considering the potential mergers of Banca Popolare di Milano. If you are travelling for work, do not forget to take a moment in the evening to unwind and take a breath, and indulge in this buzzing city while tasting a perfect traditional aperitivo.

One of the spots which is in some cases regarded as the financial capital of Asia, along with a couple of other crucial cities, is Hong Kong. This energetic metropolis presents so so many attractions, from its iconic peak with breath taking panorama over the harbour, to magnificent temples, to a lot of typical markets which represent the genuine essence of native life. With its big international links, as revealed by the likes of the US activist shareholder of Bank of East Asia, which is situated in the city, this place is likely to be in the top 10 of the rankings for years in the future.

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